Month: September 2012


Last night, I noticed a beige spider on the ceiling above the stairs. It was night, and the children were about to go to sleep and really, unless I wanted to perch precariously over the stairs and risk tumbling to my imminent end, there was no easy way to retrieve the creature. And so I left him, wished him well,… Read more →

A Weekend Ahead

When I’ve studied Vedanta, one of the world’s oldest philosophies, I was struck by Swami Parthasarathy’s assertion that we shouldn’t need a weekend. If we work for a higher purpose, he says, work wouldn’t be work – it would just be what we do, and we wouldn’t tire from it or want to escape it come Friday. So today is… Read more →


All last week, I was aware of how high we were – 6,200 feet elevation (Colorado Springs), 14,110 feet elevation (Pikes Peak summit), 8,750 feet elevation (Snow Mountain Ranch), 5,280 feet elevation – a mile high! (Denver). And then we came home – zero elevation? We may be in the lowlands, near sea level, but I have to argue that… Read more →