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No Child Left Inside

“The sky was our storybook,” Ray Rustem told me as I discussed the No Child Left Inside initiative he’s spearheading within the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. When we were young, we played outside, created whole worlds during romps in … Continue reading »

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Overly Over-Programmed

I’ve finally crossed the line. When I first became a mom, I told the kids they could each have ONE after-school activity and one alone, for driving three kids to various destinations was just too overwhelming. I prided myself on … Continue reading »

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Authentic vs. Posturing

There’s an easy way to tell if someone is authentic or full of it. When they’re threatened by every little other person, place or thing, that’s a pretty big clue that they’re talking but not walking it. I’ll use as … Continue reading »

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Devotional Silence

I didn’t write much last week, the first time that’s happened since I committed to blog daily in May. Oops! If we are to communicate, we must keep up our end of the conversation, right? And when one falls silent, … Continue reading »

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It’s dark in the mornings again.  There is a point in the height of summer when I can wake at 5 and there will be fingers of light on the horizon. It’s as if the night meets the day in … Continue reading »

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