Month: August 2012

No Child Left Inside

“The sky was our storybook,” Ray Rustem told me as I discussed the No Child Left Inside initiative he’s spearheading within the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. When we were young, we played outside, created whole worlds during romps in the woods and nights under the stars. We breathed deeply and well. We maintained healthy body weights and hardly anyone… Read more →

Authentic vs. Posturing

There’s an easy way to tell if someone is authentic or full of it. When they’re threatened by every little other person, place or thing, that’s a pretty big clue that they’re talking but not walking it. I’ll use as example today’s yoga world – and I’m not mentioning any names. But there are studios where teachers who trained in… Read more →


It’s dark in the mornings again.  There is a point in the height of summer when I can wake at 5 and there will be fingers of light on the horizon. It’s as if the night meets the day in a most conspicuous way. But we are long past that whimsical time when the early morning feels energizing and full… Read more →