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No Child Left Inside

“The sky was our storybook,” Ray Rustem told me as I discussed the No Child Left Inside initiative he’s spearheading within the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. When we were young, we played outside, created whole worlds during romps in … Continue reading »

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Overly Over-Programmed

I’ve finally crossed the line. When I first became a mom, I told the kids they could each have ONE after-school activity and one alone, for driving three kids to various destinations was just too overwhelming. I prided myself on … Continue reading »

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Authentic vs. Posturing

There’s an easy way to tell if someone is authentic or full of it. When they’re threatened by every little other person, place or thing, that’s a pretty big clue that they’re talking but not walking it. I’ll use as … Continue reading »

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Devotional Silence

I didn’t write much last week, the first time that’s happened since I committed to blog daily in May. Oops! If we are to communicate, we must keep up our end of the conversation, right? And when one falls silent, … Continue reading »

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It’s dark in the mornings again.  There is a point in the height of summer when I can wake at 5 and there will be fingers of light on the horizon. It’s as if the night meets the day in … Continue reading »

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50 Shades of Grey Meets 19 Kids & Counting

I read the other day in Crain’s Detroit Business that Meijer has made an executive decision to not carry the 50 Shades of Grey series of books in all of its stores throughout Michigan. The reason? The company spokesman stated … Continue reading »

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Circle of Life

Yesterday, I noticed the bright haziness of the day, the way the clouds filled up the sky like water or pebbles in a vase, and the utter quiet when you just closed your eyes and imagined that all was perfect … Continue reading »

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Summer Fictions

She had forgotten how good it felt to get lost in a book. After morning rising, she turned the delicate velvety pages with a cup of hot water and lemon and a bowl of aromatic oatmeal. The window was open, … Continue reading »

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The Words You Choose

My father has oft said, “Out of your mouth, printed.” It’s his admonition to be careful what I say because once it’s out there, I can’t take it back. In fact, when I was reading a little Buddhist text recently, … Continue reading »

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Summer’s Ending

On Facebook, I keep reading about friends whose children have already gone back to school. In a way, I protest, thinking it’s way too soon to start the academic year. But in truth, I would welcome the routine. We were … Continue reading »

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