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Ocean as Metaphor

The sun was setting in pinks behind the clouds as we got our first glimpse of the ocean last night, and that was all the kids needed to re-energize and awaken. The crash of the surf, the salt air swirling … Continue reading »

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All Anyone Wants is to Belong

On the way home today, I listed to Ira Glass‘ This American Life, and he said in a story about a boy who ran away from home to seek refuge with his idol, sci fi writer Piers Anthony, “he didn’t … Continue reading »

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At the Racetrack

Quiet backroads took me to Grattan Raceway this morning, past lakes and green fields, past corn growing and sleeping houses. When I arrived the 3Balls Racing guys were gathered around the two Kens, listening intently, eager to get on the … Continue reading »

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Do You Realize How Lucky You Are?

Today, I drove over hill and dale to the west side of the state, all eager to discover Grand Rapids. It is beautiful. You can see the sky. And I had no time to walk the streets or browse the … Continue reading »

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Inspiration Is Everywhere

Today, before I begin, I’d like to recommend two stellar blogs: One, by Kevin Stein, a high school friend about the brilliance of laughter. Another, by a guy I don’t know, about the cupcake trend. I love listening to the … Continue reading »

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