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The Truth About Chemistry

I’ll tell you a dirty little secret: if you don’t have good chemistry in an relationship, you’re doomed to fail. In a marriage, that chemistry is equal parts best-friends-love-to-be-together and awesome, mind-blowing, frequent sex. I am not joking. Sex is … Continue reading »

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Upholding Freedom – On Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

Thank God some people in this country have sense. I am THRILLED that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s health care reform today in a landmark ruling. This is not about abortion and it’s not about birth control … Continue reading »

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 At the gas station in Grayling, we saw two soldiers gassing up their car. As Dan filled our minivan tank, Asher and I walked over, hand-in-hand and tapped on their window. “Excuse me,” I said. “We just want to thank … Continue reading »

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Letting Go

All the nine years that I went to sleep-away camp when I was young, I never knew that behind my mother’s sunglasses, the tears flowed. She wrote me daily letters, never once bemoaning my absence, but instead making me feel … Continue reading »

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Just not a Kindle kinda girl

Ok people, I am very sorry to my techno-friends for what I am about to say: while I enjoy the Kindle on an airplane or when I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey and don’t want my kids to ask … Continue reading »

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Joy Comes in the Morning, Always

The sun sifts through the trees, making an accordion of color. On the tall ship, the wind stills until we are one with the water, there is no land, we are here right now and there is nowhere else to … Continue reading »

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Why Travel is Essential for Inspiration

The cool water of Lake Michigan slapped against my children’s bare feet, wetting the bottoms of their pant legs. They collected stones thought to be fossils, smoothed over from years or decades or lifetimes of the variability of waves at … Continue reading »

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A Rainbow That Everyone Can See

Last summer, Dan and I spent a week in Colorado as honeymoon. We landed in Denver, got into the rental car and started driving as rain poured down in sheets. The driving was slow, navigating unfamiliar highways in a severe … Continue reading »

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After dinner together, when all the dishes have been aligned in the dishwasher and the garbage taken out, my extended family gathers around the salad bowl. Usually it’s my mom, sister and I, and we talk as we reach in … Continue reading »

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Law of Attraction

What you put out there, will come true. It’s the law of the universe, the law of attraction, the big secret that if you just sit quietly for a few minutes, you’ll learn. If you worry that the other shoe … Continue reading »

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