Month: June 2012

The Truth About Chemistry

I’ll tell you a dirty little secret: if you don’t have good chemistry in an relationship, you’re doomed to fail. In a marriage, that chemistry is equal parts best-friends-love-to-be-together and awesome, mind-blowing, frequent sex. I am not joking. Sex is an important binding factor in a long-term romantic relationship and if you think you can do without it, or you’ll… Read more →

Upholding Freedom – On Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

Thank God some people in this country have sense. I am THRILLED that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s health care reform today in a landmark ruling. This is not about abortion and it’s not about birth control and it’s not about controlling what a woman does with her body. In fact, I’m not sure how this conversation… Read more →


At the gas station in Grayling, we saw two soldiers gassing up their car. As Dan filled our minivan tank, Asher and I walked over, hand-in-hand and tapped on their window. “Excuse me,” I said. “We just want to thank you for serving our country and protecting all of us.” The soldier in the driver’s seat was flustered, and smiled… Read more →

Letting Go

All the nine years that I went to sleep-away camp when I was young, I never knew that behind my mother’s sunglasses, the tears flowed. She wrote me daily letters, never once bemoaning my absence, but instead making me feel that I was still in her purview, even though I was far away at camp. This week, so many of… Read more →