Month: May 2012

Change Location, Change Perspective

We pulled into the ’50s Diner in Dwight, Illinois (population: 4,300) and a smiling man called out a sing-song “Hello!” “Table for six, please.” He ushered us to the corner booth, and my family flowed into the red vinyl seats, hungry, happy, eager from the four-hour drive we’d just completed, halfway from vacation to home. Asher was wearing his blue… Read more →

Why We Like Happy Endings

Because it’s easier to believe it when it’s not real. Plain and simple. In our everyday lives, we choose to see the difficult, the challenge, the less-than-perfect, but we pick up a book and suspend disbelief for hours or days, savoring the delicious taste of what-if and maybe-it-can-work-out-after-all. Most happy endings in novel scenarios are far from what happens in… Read more →

Fifty Shades of Normal

Saturday Night Live Fifty Shades of Grey spoof Finished book #2 yesterday. And it amazes me how many thoughts I have – not about the erotica, which of course I’ve gotten used to. (It’s much hotter when it’s new and unexpected, but that’s another blog altogether.) So here are the points I’d like to extrapolate from Fifty Shades Darker to… Read more →