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Change Location, Change Perspective

We pulled into the ’50s Diner in Dwight, Illinois (population: 4,300) and a smiling man called out a sing-song “Hello!” “Table for six, please.” He ushered us to the corner booth, and my family flowed into the red vinyl seats, … Continue reading »

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Why We Like Happy Endings

Because it’s easier to believe it when it’s not real. Plain and simple. In our everyday lives, we choose to see the difficult, the challenge, the less-than-perfect, but we pick up a book and suspend disbelief for hours or days, … Continue reading »

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Fifty Shades of Normal

Saturday Night Live Fifty Shades of Grey spoof Finished book #2 yesterday. And it amazes me how many thoughts I have – not about the erotica, which of course I’ve gotten used to. (It’s much hotter when it’s new and … Continue reading »

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Follow The Path You’re On

I always said my passion was writing and if I could do anything at all, it would be to sit and write all day, every day. So imagine how perplexing it is that a simple goal of writing one hour … Continue reading »

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Is the Journey the Destination When You’re Stuck in Traffic?

The first leg of the trip was easy – all night driving, beautiful sunsets, peaceful kids in pajamas, happy with DVD players and iPads on laps and healthy snacks and only one stop for gas and drinks. By the time … Continue reading »

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We All Have Fifty Shades of Gray

So the theme lately is, who’s reading this risque erotic novel and why? What is our fascination with self-flagellation, with punishment and desire? I’m going to suggest it’s not that at all. In fact, most of us in some way … Continue reading »

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Will the Real [Insert Name Here] Please Stand Up?

The art of naming…it begins with birth, when our parents decide on the letters and identity they’d like us to walk through life with, but it doesn’t end there. It never ends. We are constantly naming and renaming ourselves, fighting … Continue reading »

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Branding You

I have a friend who set goals for her business a year ago, achieved them all and now is recalibrating and focusing her career in a new direction. She’s bold. She’s brilliant. She is following her gut instinct to a … Continue reading »

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Fear is a Four-Letter Word

What are you afraid of? What stops you from trying? I’m going to take a chance here and share with you my fear. My fear of failure. My fear of no one showing up, no one listening, no one paying … Continue reading »

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Is Free Always Good?

I’ve been reading Website Magazine for a few years now, as it arrives free of charge in my email inbox and in the mail, in glossy full-color hard copy. It’s a beautiful magazine with relevant information about the business of … Continue reading »

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