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So There Will Be a Next Generation

As I approach the end of my 40 things to make the world better in the year that I am 40, I continue to marvel at the outstanding number of causes to support – and try to give whenever someone … Continue reading »

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The Message: You Are Enough

When the universe keeps repeating itself, we must pay attention. For more than two months now, I’ve been hearing the message you are enough in so many ways. Sometimes directly, sometimes in things I’m reading. And I don’t know about you, … Continue reading »

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At the End of a Week Like That

It’s been one of those long weeks, when I’m up before the sun and up until long after it sets and I still have a lot to get done. But it’s all good. Work is bustling so much that my … Continue reading »

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The Boss Always Gives Good Show

If I’m here tonight, and you’re here tonight, then they’re here with us… Bruce Springsteen, April 12, The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan My first concert as a teenager was Bruce, Born In the USA, freshman year of high school. He … Continue reading »

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The Idiocy of the USTA

Last fall, I picked up my tennis racquet again after no consistent play for 20-some years and I got back in the game. I love tennis. It’s a be-here-right-now game and I’m meeting great people on the court after my … Continue reading »

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The Brilliance of Blogging: It’s All About Voice

I started this blog because I couldn’t open a cafe. Seriously. It was 5 years ago and I was getting divorced and I had a one year old (and two toddlers) and it was just not possible to bring people … Continue reading »

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RIP Adrienne Rich

It is awfully poetic to say that she is now one with the sun’s rays, beaming down on all the feminist poets in this world. But having met Adrienne Rich in Washington, D.C. in the mid-1990s, I’m doubtful. She was … Continue reading »

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Not Sold on the Kindle

Today I finished reading my first novel on the Kindle, purchased as an attempt to embrace technology (ok, so I’m not early-adopter) and simplify my life. Easy, lightweight, I could carry 1,000 books around the world and never see the … Continue reading »

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