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Is Bigger Really Better?

I don’t have a problem with big per se. Especially when a company wants to grow, grow, grow and reach everyone, be everywhere, dominate the market. Well, ok, maybe I do have a problem with it. I hate that mom-and-pop … Continue reading »

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I don’t believe God endorses spitting on 2nd graders

I was appalled at the news reports about a 2nd grade girl named Naama in Beit Shemesh, Israel, shaking and crying on her way to school each morning, afraid that the haredim or ultra-Orthodox who live in her town might … Continue reading »

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Whenever you put yourself out there, whether in a blog or in another form of writing, you risk inviting comments from the masses. It’s part of the deal; you share, others feel they know you enough to judge you. Never … Continue reading »

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Is Business Based on Tricks or Simply Tricky?

“Having a mythical background is an excellent marketing trick.” – Vili Lehdonvirta, as quoted in Oct. 10, 2011, New Yorker article about crypto-currency. Every great entrepreneur, in time, wraps himself in a shroud of mystery. The stories he shares with … Continue reading »

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Making a Difference vs. Making Money

Why do they have to be separate? The thing is, if you’re setting out to make money and make money alone, you’re probably going to match Sisyphus’ uphill climb. You’ll make some and you’ll do it in time but likely … Continue reading »

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Another blog from Seth Godin’s seminar

“Revolutions destroy the perfect and enable the impossible. ‘It’s OK to fail’ is an artist’s notion, not a business notion. We must take the threads of ideas and the threads of interest and weave them into something new.” – Seth Godin, … Continue reading »

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My Superpower: Making something delicious out of nothing

Call me the leftover chef. I’m really good at looking at what is in the refrigerator and freezer and putting together a multiple-course dinner that is delicious, satisfying and nourishing. I did it last night, even. We were supposed to … Continue reading »

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Driving in Circles

The sun set early in Tarrytown, N.Y., last week, but that wasn’t an obstacle to finding a local restaurant for dinner in the beauty of small town New York. Using the iPhone as navigator, I found the restaurant easily enough, … Continue reading »

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Eating Soup

The “all-purpose dish – nutritious, inexpensive, and infinitely variable,” soup is coming to Ferndale tomorrow night. That is, soup by or for Martha Bayne, author of the Soup & Bread Cookbook, which recently came out by Surrey Books. I received … Continue reading »

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On the first day of Seth Godin‘s Medicineball Seminar, I received 78 emails. 50 of them were irrelevant. I’d turned off my phone so I could fully immerse in the seminar I’d traveled to Hastings-on-Hudson to participate in, along with … Continue reading »

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