Year: 2008

I Remember the Stones

They were everywhere along the journey. Braiding water in Goshen, Virginia before the sunrise and again in the afternoon, Peg on her rock outpost, taking pictures from the shore. Under the dense cover   of trees, down from the road where traffic only occasionally passed, we read poems and wrote them and smiled into the sun. My fingers over the… Read more →

Rain to Snow

In the afternoon, I stepped foot beyond the curtain to find two curly-haired men smiling. I handed them the information and then, in the glorious and unexpected sunshine, strolled through invitations and colors. After dinner, the stroll in the rain was nice. We laughed those belly laughs of childhood, before everything became so hard. We had met so many years… Read more →


What impprint are you leaving on this world? she asked him. What are you doing to make the world better? “Maybe I’ll just have to be concerned about the impact I make on my kids,” he said. “Maybe that’s my legacy.” You can’t make your children your purpose or your focus, she said. And there was no reply. She saw… Read more →

The Good Tower is Taller than the Evil Side

The night before, she couldn’t sleep. She wanted to, but the thoughts churned inside her like laundry on high. She turned in the pitch-black and the sheets twisted around her until, somewhere after midnight, the baby appeared silhouetted in the doorway calling Mommy… Come here, she said, waving him toward the bed then pulling him up. Sleep here, she said, beside… Read more →

Why Change is Hard

I’d felt it before, that uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, a constricting, breath drawn in, and then the waterfall of feelings. For the past ten years, I have been a freelance journalist, defined mostly by my words and my work. Known in circles of other creatives who wanted to make it on their own, pitching magazines and newspapers, pleading with editors… Read more →