One last glimpse out our meeting room.

As the Retreat Ends

The sky is white and long over the lake this morning, the gray-blue waters moving swiftly on their way as they always do. The air, scented in that familiar northern Michigan way, is calming, reassuring, fragrant with pine and rain and the goodness of the earth beneath my feet. I planned for months to host this retreat on Mackinac Island.… Read more →

A small cairn-like stack of rocks on the shores of Lake Huron.

Seeking Silence

On the fourth day of a five-day writers retreat, the message all around me is to welcome the silence. Funny to hear that on a retreat that encourages finding your voice! But the real story, the story we haven’t yet been able to access, the one that is told from the depths of our soul and which will change the… Read more →

Look at that incredible lowering sun last night, with a view of the Belle Isle Bridge. I simply love rowing.

Love & Rowing

Seats 3 and 4 – ROW! My husband’s strong shoulders and back leaned forward and I followed his lead, me in seat 3, he in seat 4, as we slid up on the seat, bent our knees, dipped the blade of the oar into the wavy Detroit River waters and pulled back in sync. Good, 3 and 4. Good rowing… Read more →