Interesting that 18 is the Hebrew number for chai, or life...

The Warmest Reception

The rabbi’s wife kissed me twice and wished me well. My former mother-in-law and I embraced several times, wishing all good things for our shared relations. The women who had been my sisters for eight years smiled and said hello, and we hugged in the way that people you once loved remember how to do. Perhaps I was more nervous… Read more →

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The Long View of Divorce

It was a dark late night when I told my friend in faraway California that I was leaving my husband. It had taken me two years to come to that moment, and many conversations with older, wiser friends, to realize that I would be happier, more successful, and more confident – and so would my kids – if I ended… Read more →

Daring to Write

“I really like your writing…” I feel the same way, but never would have been brave enough to say it… “I read your blog all the time!” I need to talk to you but please don’t blog about me, or if you do, don’t use my name… People read what I write. Some like it, some don’t, and I think that some… Read more →


The Meaning of Life

Sometimes, I sit back and review the goings-on of a normal day, and I begin to wonder: what’s it all for? The crazy miscommunications, the mood swings, the hamster-on-a-conveyor-belt feeling of never having enough time. Step back and wonder, what’s the point of it all? It’s a really fine existential conversation for a rainy Wednesday morning. If you think about it,… Read more →

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Sharing Stories

“If you just focus on the product, people will tune out. You have to share stories.” ~ David Hendrickson, founder of apparel company Hendrick & Co., who kicked off his brand-building with a heart-tugging tale about his sick puppy William (from Inc. Magazine, February 2015) Think about it. The only way to pull people in, is through story. A compelling… Read more →

a mechitzah is a divider that separates men and women during Orthodox services - the men get to do all the observing, while the women watch

Searching for My Community

We were wedged between two walls and two wooden barriers – one draped with cheap white cotton curtains, the other allowing visibility of the religious service taking place in the rest of the room via a mesh screen. My daughters and I, the only women attending this morning’s Shacharit service at the Orthodox synagogue in honor of my eldest son’s Hebrew… Read more →

Whatever Happened to Saturday Morning?

Shaya slippered his way into our bedroom while the entire house was still sleeping. Wordless, I pulled back the blanket and he sidled in beside me. Eyes open, I was instantly awake. The tenderness of his still-little warm body beside me was a reminder of how fleeting these years are. He nestled in, seeming to fit perfectly. Eventually, I suggested… Read more →