Cottage Cheese Pancakes

They come out thin, almost like crepes, with a hint of sweetness so soothing, you don’t really need maple syrup to enhance them. My eldest son always asks for cottage cheese pancakes when it’s a special morning or I have the time to make them but today, it was my idea. Perhaps because I’m looking down the barrel of the… Read more →

Shaya, exhilarated at the beach in July - summer frees your soul

As Summer Ends

Last night, before bed, Shaya reiterated his desire to be awakened by 8 today. “You’ll get up early, you’ll write a blog, and I want time when it’s just you and me,” said my 9-year-old. Yes. That simple. The others wanted a wake-up call at 8:30. Well, really, Eliana wanted her iPhone in her room to wake her on her… Read more →

I'm not saying things were easier way back when, but I do believe they were simpler. It might have been easier to focus priorities on what matters.

Do I Love Myself?

Cool late-summer air and overcast skies made it perfect yesterday to take the kids to Greenfield Village and stroll amongst the old-time houses, shops and playground. Eliana urged us to walk beside the pond. Shaya exclaimed over the ducks. At the far end of the field, I saw a Waltons-era barn, makeshift tent and a truck from the Depression. A cool… Read more →