Living the Ordinary Life: Post #5

Driving down the highway to school, Shaya spotted a billboard advertising Sesame Street Live at the Fox Theatre. “That would be so cool!” he exclaimed. “Would you like to see it?” I asked my 9-year-old boy. “Yes!” “Really?” The thing about youngest children is that we parents forget that they’ve been shuffled along with their older siblings to events appropriate… Read more →

That person you can say anything to, who can be vulnerable with you and you still love them ...

The Nicest People

“I think the nicest people should have the most friends.” ~ Eliana, age 12 You’d think, right? My daughter has always been incredibly astute, a great judge of character, greater even than her open-minded mom, and she is wise beyond her years. So now, as she faces the exhilaration and exasperation of middle school, her commentary on relationships bears ever… Read more →

Happy doesn't make headlines. But it should. That's more newsworthy, more uplifting, than any "news" I read today.

Yesterday’s News

I’m troubled by the way we define “news.” Things that have already happened, bad things usually, and then we watch as reporter after reporter clamors for the same story. It’s worse today than when I was a journalist in decades prior, simply because the Internet presence of news outlets pressures its writers to be the fastest, the first, to post… Read more →

Was there a church before we could create one in our minds?

In the Name of God

Imagine the world in pre-human times, and ask yourself: was there a church? Did anyone speak of, or think about, God? Is the notion of religion, then, a creation of our advanced human minds when, faced with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that gave us too much time to ponder the questions of our origin and our eventual demise, we faced… Read more →