Cottage Cheese Pancakes

They come out thin, almost like crepes, with a hint of sweetness so soothing, you don’t really need maple syrup to enhance them. My eldest son always asks for cottage cheese pancakes when it’s a special morning or I have the time to make them but today, it was my idea. Perhaps because I’m looking down the barrel of the… Read more →

Shaya, exhilarated at the beach in July - summer frees your soul

As Summer Ends

Last night, before bed, Shaya reiterated his desire to be awakened by 8 today. “You’ll get up early, you’ll write a blog, and I want time when it’s just you and me,” said my 9-year-old. Yes. That simple. The others wanted a wake-up call at 8:30. Well, really, Eliana wanted her iPhone in her room to wake her on her… Read more →

I'm not saying things were easier way back when, but I do believe they were simpler. It might have been easier to focus priorities on what matters.

Do I Love Myself?

Cool late-summer air and overcast skies made it perfect yesterday to take the kids to Greenfield Village and stroll amongst the old-time houses, shops and playground. Eliana urged us to walk beside the pond. Shaya exclaimed over the ducks. At the far end of the field, I saw a Waltons-era barn, makeshift tent and a truck from the Depression. A cool… Read more →

Water lily

Kayaking with My Kids

Looking up at the tall pines, the clear sunlight glimmered on the pine needles, shimmering them like jewels. The sky was a vibrant crisp blue, and the water made the slightest sound as our paddles pulled through the glassy surface. My daughter exclaimed over the lily flowers along the river’s edges. The children insisted on pulling our kayaks into sandy… Read more →