Ten Commandments written on stone tablets in Hebrew

Ten Commandments

Today was the first time I heard the recitation of the Ten Commandments in synagogue. Or at least the first time I paid attention. We stand for this part of the Torah portion and then the reader chants one after the next, enumerating the 10 statements that God spoke at Sinai. We read this today, on the holiday of Shavuot,… Read more →


A Baseball Afternoon

Let me start by saying I don’t believe in competition. Sure it exists, but I actually believe there is enough business to go around and what someone else does will not prevent me from succeeding. With that in mind, I spent yesterday afternoon with friend and PR colleague Jason Brown at the Tigers game because he invited me. That’s all.… Read more →


The Power of Friendship

Yesterday, my car ambled over highway and paved road, gravel road and backwoods, until I arrived at Iris’ house. Iris. A writer friend I met many years ago and haven’t seen in a while, but with whom I reconnected over email and then in person. Her beautiful house on acreage in bright sun and blue sky, where she devoted a… Read more →


Looking at Loyalty

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the silent code of friendship, of relationship. What are our unspoken expectations? Assumptions for reciprocity? When is one-sided ok, and when is it an affront? In my line of work, personal and professional merge almost seamlessly. Often, a client becomes a friend, or at least an acquaintance, and very often, I post on… Read more →


Parenting Religion

On the morning of my son’s bar mitzvah, I turned to a page in a favorite inspirational book and found this Khalil Gibran poem about children (see right). Your children are not your children/they are the sons and daughters/of Life’s longing for itself… Although I longed to become a mother, I never believed my children were mine. They are not my property nor… Read more →


Trending: #Asher

The kids were so well-behaved. They asked such intelligent questions at the petting farm. What an amazing bar mitzvah – I wish I’d had this option when I was a kid! It was the best bar mitzvah I’ve ever attended. Seriously.   All around us, lush green filled the landscape – trees and plants, flowers and bushes, gravel paths and… Read more →


Argument for Many Mitzvahs

We plan and prepare and build up to this momentous occasion of a bar mitzvah. My son, age 13, stands before family and community, reads the Torah, shows that he is perfectly capable of standing as an adult with all the requisite responsibilities of his religious community. And then…it’s over. Done. For the rest of your life. I am going… Read more →