Nikki Sunstrum, social media director at University of Michigan

Just Because It’s There: SnapChat

Over the weekend, I listened to the dynamic Nikki Sunstrum, social media director at the University of Michigan who truly knows her stuff. She was a bit tough in her delivery but offered tons of great information about the state of social media today and how we should be using it. Except one thing sort of left me wondering. She was… Read more →

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Where is the Jewish Community Unity for Israel?

The lights were dim, every seat taken, in the packed Young Israel of Oak Park social hall. We listened intently to stories from IDF soldiers and watched a tear-inducing video of the 67 Israeli youth slain in the most recent military defense campaign, Protective Edge. Their faces across the screen could have been the faces of any Jewish youth in… Read more →


Showing Up Is Half the Battle

It doesn’t matter if it’s a party or a networking event, a client meeting or a date with a friend. For as long as I can remember, the little voice inside me has resisted going, doing, putting myself out in the world. But when I go, I’m so glad I did. This morning I took a quick metropark hike after… Read more →

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Relationships Make the World Go Round

“The company owns me from 7 a.m. Monday until 4 p.m. Friday,” Tricia Keith said last night at Inforum’s Southeast Michigan Inner Circle event. “At 1 p.m. on Friday, I get in my car and start driving north to my lake house, making three hours of calls on the way.” Once she arrives, she fat-tire bikes, runs, sits by the… Read more →

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You Never Know the Real Story

She was my friend.  Let’s live life, for her. She always had a smile on her face, even if she wasn’t smiling inside. The purple and yellow glass of the jagged windows conveyed a quiet hopefulness along the north end of the funeral home sanctuary. The coffin was small, a finite end to what can seem an endless life. That’s… Read more →

Ari Weinzweig, cofounder of Zingerman's, led an amazing and inspiring session today at Zing Train on the Power of Belief. (photo courtesy of ZingTrain)

The Power of Belief

In the car on the way to my daughter’s bat mitzvah lesson, I lost it. “I am so sick of you speaking to me that way!” I railed. “I will not tolerate such disrespect.” I was literally seething with anger, also on the verge of tears, for I had never imagined, when I so long ago longed to become a… Read more →

Anyone who seeks freedom should attain it. No country should ever close its borders until all people are free from tyranny. (photo from

The Tragedy of the Migrant Boat Sinking

I can almost picture what it must have been like. People with nowhere to turn and no one to help them, following the smarmy hands of traffickers onto a ship and hearing the click of the lock in the door, imprisoning them inside the hold of the boat that would eventually sink to the bottom of the sea. Thoughts of it can’t… Read more →